Take a Bite Out of Policy & Pizza

Hello everyone and welcome to my first post on Policy & Pizza. If you read my about me page you will learn that I am a public administration grad student and I view everything through the guise of government. It has taken me an extraordinary amount of time to figure out what I actually want write about. I initially thought I’d write about current events, public policy, and government. It took a recent trip to Nashville and Memphis Tennessee for me to realize that I want to write about more. I want to write about travel, public policy, food, and cooking. You have read that correctly….I want to be a lifestyle blogger and I know what you are thinking in this instance: “Wow, Chelsea really stepped into a field that is lacking bloggers”!

Listen, I know that everyone and their mother has a blog about their lifestyle, but here’s why my blog will be different. First off, I am a policy nerd at heart so most of my posts will feature a political or policy angle. Here is why this is important, literally everything government does affects us all. Enjoy that acai bowl**, pronounced ah- sah- EE? Well, what if the companies that make them are falsely telling everyone they are good for you when they’re not. What would everyone in athlesuireware eat for breakfast? Oh it would be a f*cking nightmare; it could end up being an upper-white middle class disaster! The FDA and the Bureau of Consumer Affairs can play a large role in finding out the truth and holding those companies responsible. The same could be said to the contrary, the government has had a long history of dropping the ball on a lot of important issues. Furthermore, they have been at the epicenter of creating some of the most egregious policies that have enslaved a whole race, systematically perpetuated those ideals into present day systems, and uses the government as a tool to suppress individual rights. However, please do not misunderstand me because I wholeheartedly believe that we need a robust government to ensure the safety and wellbeing of its people. The catch is that WE THE PEOPLE must ensure that the government is being used properly by those who are in charge! After all, our taxes pay for their salaries!


The Founding Fathers created what I believe to be the best government structure ever, it is a country for the people by the people. Unfortunately, many of the people checked out and the people running the show take advantage of that. My blog will break things down so everyone can understand what is really happening within government and how we can rectify the crap that is going down! My passion certainly encompasses public policy/government, but I do have other hobbies and experiences that I enjoy and I will share with you all from time to time.

So every SUNDAY sit in front of your computer, phone, or ipad and wait for a new Policy & Pizza post… or you can subscribe for updates by scrolling to the end of my page.

** Disclaimer: there are really no issues with acai, I just needed an example that a lot of people care about.

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