For Whom the Debt Tolls  

It's official, the end of August is here and the fall semester is approaching. I believe that education is the key to upward economic mobility. In addition, a secondary education can help create opportunities that students might not have otherwise had.  According to the Economic Policy Institute, in 2015 college graduates earned approximately 56% more... Continue Reading →

My Nashville Roadtrip and Other Musings

It was mid-June when my friends and I thought we should take a roadtrip as part of our yearly vacation. The last few months airlines have been up charging for tickets and charging for extraneous things like checking a bag. In addition, airlines like United have a "basic economy" option in which they charge you for... Continue Reading →

The Revolving Door

I had originally planned to post about my trip to Nashville; a nice, fun and entertaining post. Unfortunately, that was derailed due to the interesting status of our political climate. I know what you are thinking, “oh no, another post about the nightmare staffing debacle in the White House.” It really does feel like media attention is so narrowly... Continue Reading →

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