The Revolving Door

I had originally planned to post about my trip to Nashville; a nice, fun and entertaining post. Unfortunately, that was derailed due to the interesting status of our political climate. I know what you are thinking, “oh no, another post about the nightmare staffing debacle in the White House.” It really does feel like media attention is so narrowly focused on the Trump administration’s staffing debacle and not on Trump’s agenda. I speculate the reason being that he does not have a definitive agenda and never really planned on having one. An observation I have made about President Trump stems from his belief that he is entitled to do as he pleases without ever really suffering the consequences. Yes, his businesses fail, he does not pay his taxes, his wife appears to not want to be in a room with him, he has Stepford children, and he does not know how to effectively run anything but his mouth. Yet, despite the complete and utter incompetence of the President, I must give him one complement. That man can spin the crap out of any negative situation. He somehow fooled a little less than half the voters into voting for him and they still believe that he is doing a great job (I will discuss the reasoning behind his voters in an upcoming post). So, Trump marketed himself successfully, but how many of his fans realized what he was really selling? He was selling the idea that American Exceptionalism can only be achieved by closing borders and lowering taxes. What he’s really doing is putting corporations, money and a regressive agenda before the American people. I know, that’s literally the GOP platform, but there is something sinister about the Trump Administration. Perhaps it’s his blatant lying, putting Trump first (not America) and his stranger than normal bromance with Putin?

The Outsiders

It is likely that all the promises Trump made on the campaign trail could never reasonably be achieved; especially since he thinks that it should be the responsibility of his workforce (from top cabinet officials to White House aids). Furthermore, any act of the Federal government requires a whole team of competent individuals to execute it. I mean seriously? Did he think running the whole country would in fact be like running one of his third-rate businesses? Well, guess what, Americans? Many of you also thought in the same way, and now look at the sh!t show we have to watch every day on the news!

There are many reasons why Americans voted for Donald Trump, and for the sake of this post I will only discuss one. Donald Trump capitalized on the fact that he had absolutely zero government experience, which sounds completely absurd to a public administration student like me. Who applies to a job in which they have zero experience in and markets it as a great thing? W.O.W I wish I had that chutzpah or sense of entitlement and privilege, because I know I could run the country better than the current administration. Hell, my puppy could run the country better than the current administration. When President Trump was elected into office, the precedent of presidential decorum was completely disregarded (say that three times fast). Trump is brusk, harsh, mean spirited, dull minded, xenophobic and a misogynist. So what we have here is some of our country being okay with a president grabbing women by the p*ssy, as long as the president doesn’t have one. Oh look, that precedent remained….at least American sexism is consistent….for now.

You’re Either in or You’re Out

Trump is shifting all the blame for his administration’s shortcomings to the people who work for him. It is imperative to have a team dedicated to your goals for the country, but debates and disagreements about public policy and the administration’s goals are necessary for the balance of this country. For f*ck’s sake, even Leo fought with President Bartlett from time to time and Sorkin’s United States was better for it. An additional problem lies in the fact that Trump and his administration are running things like a reality show. This one is getting fired for lack of loyalty, the other one talks about genitalia and killing staffers who leak information, and Trump hires his some of his family members (albeit some without pay) to act as his high-level advisors. SAY WHAAAT??? Bravo would air that crap in a heartbeat. Tyrants, organized crime bosses, and other shady characters hire their relatives and it is typically because they want LOYALTY. Why do they want loyalty? It is because they need people to keep their mouths shut when some shady sh*t goes down. It is clear, part of the remedy for this mess is for democrats and republicans to work on the same team… Team America. 

Yes, this is probably a corny and idyllic way of viewing contemporary politics, but why don’t we hold our elected officials to that standard? We did see some progress when senate republicans John McCain, Lisa Murkowski and Susan Collins joined with Democrats to oppose the Affordable Care Act repeal. Granted I don’t think dems and republicans will join hands in congress and sing a horrible version of kumbaya, but if a few come together to stop a megalomaniac in the White House, well hell…maybe, just maybe, that would be better. This week, Congress overwhelmingly voted to place more sanctions on Russia. Trump was pushed to reluctantly signed this bill and then admonished congress for our deteriorating relationship with Russia. Haha…as if 1917 never happened. What makes the President of the United States side with Russia and not his own congress? The bringer of unity this man isn’t. At this point in the Trump presidency, the only President uniting the Dems and Gop in congress for the good of America….is Putin.

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