My Nashville Roadtrip and Other Musings

It was mid-June when my friends and I thought we should take a roadtrip as part of our yearly vacation. The last few months airlines have been up charging for tickets and charging for extraneous things like checking a bag. In addition, airlines like United have a “basic economy” option in which they charge you for a carry-on bag with smaller seat room. I’m just wondering how the airlines can make even more money? Maybe a new cattle-economy option in which they enclose us in a tiny space so our muscles can atrophy?

Being a resourceful gradtuate student, I began thinking of ideas for an affordable vacation. Then it dawned on me…ROADTRIP! With gasoline prices being at a national low, it was the perfect time for a trip.

So, we booked our hotel for Nashville and a month later we were on our way! Here is what happened….

  1. Driving 14 hours can get boring: The four of us felt like we were on a never-ending journey. I suggest making some killer playlists and stocking up on snacks to get you through it all. It does help if your friends are funny as hell like mine! Also, schedule some time to stop and shop at a nearby Cracker Barrel ( I was pleasantly surprised).
  2. Tour it up: Throughout all my travels I have found that Gray Line Bus Company has fun and informative tours. Most importantly, their tours are consistent across all continents. In Nashville we decided to take two Gray Line Tours and they were  very fun! We did the Hop on/ Hop Off tour around “Music City” and we also paid in advance with our concierge at the DoubleTree Nashville for the tour and any additional attraction ticket (i.e. museum, park, concert) in advance. I highly recommend the Musicians Hall of Fame if you have to pick one attraction to go to. It is interactive and fun for all ages… my friends recorded a song from Garth Brooks, while I worked my magic as a sound engineer. We also booked our VIP Graceland Tour with Gray Line and it was the best choice. We did not have to worry about anything, all we had to do was sit back, skip the lines, and enjoy!
  3. Be prepared not to eat your greens: Nashville is a foodie paradise for sure, but most food is fried and heavy on the butter (believe me I’m not complaining). I found that even when sharing a meal with my sister (and I CAN EAT) I was more than satisfied when finished.
  4. Nashville is pretty woke: Most everyone is very friendly and kind and it reminded me of the hipster parts of Brooklyn. Despite the obvious lack of diversity within the city, everyone in Nashville is open to new people and differing points of view.

My Favorite Nashville Attractions

  1. The Musicians Hall of Fame: It is entertaining and interactive for music lovers of all ages and music tastes (buy tickets online or bundle with a Gray Line Tour)
  2. Centennial Park: Rent bicycles and ride around the beautiful lake after touring the Parthenon 


3. Marathon Village: Get a tattoo, shop, drink wine slushees, or have a shot of Jack all in one place

4. Honkey Tonk Row: It is bar hopping for the country music enthusiast and the live music is phenomenal

Honkey Tonk Row via

5. Cheekwood Botanical Gardens and Estate: It’s lit…but it might be a little too hot in the middle of summer

6. Nashville Murals: Strike a pose and click the link for a list of all the Nashville murals you can take a photo in front of

7. Escape Room: It was our first time in an Escape Room and we escaped! We picked the hardest game, which was the “prison break” scenario, it was so much fun and an utter challenge.  I would do it again in a heartbeat!

Mural: 625 Main St.

Eat Here

  1. Hattie B’s Chicken: The best fried chicken in Nashville (ORDER ONLINE AND AVOID THE LINE).
  2. The Frothy Monkey: Their artisanal baked goods and coffee literally gave me life in the morning and their dinner hit the spot after a long day of sight seeing.frothy-cups
  3. Puckett’s: The boneless southern fried chicken was so juicy and the fried brownie was out of this world.
  4. The Pharmacy Burger and Beer Garden: We happened to go during #burgerweek and I had the “Italian” burger with Mozzarella and pesto on garlic bread, but the classic menu also offers up some unique burger eats!


We ate, we drank, we toured, and we had a blast!

Until next time Nashville!

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