These are a few of my favorite places to eat, you’re welcome in advance! 

New York City/ New Jersey

  1. La Pecora Bianca: It is number one on the list, because it is my favorite restaurant in the New York City Area. Think farm to table freshness with a unique and fun flair  to dazzle any foodie’s palette. The first time I went with friends, we basically ordered everything on the Menu and literally nothing disappointed!
  2. Luzzo’s: Coming in a close second is this Trattoria Italiana. Famous for their coal-oven pizza, this Neapolitan style pizzeria takes me back to my trips to Italy. La pizza margarita is a classic favorite! Get a large pie and take some home, if there’s any left over 🙂
  3. Roman Nose: It is a bit closer to home than the above two eateries, not to mention the top-notch quality food. Roman Nose offers a large-range of homemade pasta, in addition to their daily-made mozzarella! Just thinking about their pizza and pasta is making my mouth water! Also, their Negroni are the best!
  4. Orale Mexican Kitchen: You’re probably thinking, finally a restaurant that isn’t Italian (actually, I hope you’re not thinking that because Italian food is the best-but I’m biased). Well, let me tell you about Orale! Their food is phenomenal, the drinks umm Yass (get the Sangria) and I can describe the ambiance as avant-garde -urban (wow that sounds perfectly pretentious). Try the duck tacos and/or the braised short-ribs!


San Francisco


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